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[GUIDE] Beginners Guide #1

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Hello survivors! this is a small guide on how to survive this scary adventure

  • Beginners Guide Note #1

When you first start AfterLife MMO, you spawn in with a flashlight (Press f to turn it on and off). You will also spawn with some medical bandages, food, water and chemlights. The first thing you should do is find shelter, there may be some equipment inside. It is optional that you make this your base depending on your playstyle: free-roamer or camper. If there is indeed no supplies inside, you should use this list to gather what supplies you need first:

1) Food & water
2) Weapons (#1 & #2 are optional which comes first)
3) Bandages and Antibiotics
4) Shelter(optional but recommended)
5) Friendly survivors. (Don't Trust everyone you meet!)

When all of these things have been attained, you should be ready to survive the zombie apocalypse.

  • Beginners Guide Note #2

As shown in many of the available AfterLife MMO gameplay videos, zombies are currently able to detect you both by sight and by sound. Both need to be carefully watched to avoid detection. It's best to stay in grassy or forested areas. Only venture into cities if you are currently armed or have intentions of finding a weapon quickly. Zombies can hear you better if you sprint on hard surfaces such as concrete (roads/sidewalks). According to developers, zombies cannot see so well. As such, it is advisable to pay the most attention to their ability to hear you. However, during daylight hours, sight is a big problem so you want to stay low most the time when entering cities in the daytime If you decide to enter during the night a good idea is to wear some kind of armor with night vision attached (NVG) then hit N to turn on the night vision. Regardless, it should become second nature to watch both of your meters in order for the best chance of survival within the game world. smell has been somewhat incorporated, with zombie repellent being an item, however, there is no hygiene although that may be added to the game in the future.

  • Beginners Guide Note #3

The servers are open. First things first, set up your options and get used to the controls.

1) Flashlights can be found at or around your spawn point. Look for small items on the ground, outlined in a blue/orange/red/green aura. So far, I have had to switch to FPV to get the option to pick up the flashlight. Once you have it, use the corresponding hotkey to equip it. To remove it from your hands, use the hotkey (Default: Backspace)To turn it off so you can still melee use the default key F.
2) The first thing that should be done when entering a spawn zone is immediately getting to the floor because of camper that might be around. then heading for a city away from the position you have spawned in. Avoid the first spawn city at all costs, as bandits (spawn killers) are very rampant in the spawn zones.
3) Hit M on your keyboard to open your map you can also open the map menu by hitting ESC and choosing the map option. Once you have your map open find a city near your little arrow on the map. Pick a city with smaller text because that means less size and fewer people.
4) Once you have found a suitable city start walking and check your map regularly. If you are taking the road is advised that you get off it before you reach the city and come around the back on the city in case of snipers. Once you are behind the city search the outlying houses for food, water, and weapons remember if you hear gunshots that mean someone is nearby and unless you think you are ready RUN. An advantageous place to look for food and medication would be the grocery market. In order to find a suitable weapon, search the car garages, police stations, and post offices, as these are common spawn points of hammers, bats, and lower tier weaponry. Also search outlying shacks, as experience has shown that these have yielded higher tier weapons, such as the Mossberg and Saiga.
5) When you spot another player in your proximity, Don't Shoot! If they haven't seen you, find a safe out of the way place where you can observe them for a moment. They may be with a large group of armed bandits or easily avoidable. If you just brazenly run out and shoot a weapon you are likely to attract unwanted attention.

  • Survival in the World

When you first start out in the world of the dead, you will have some supplies with you. Some food, water, flashlight, and first-aid. All of which help you by a small factor. Those supplies are nearly worthless so it is best to find more fast. In order to do this, you must find a building or a town. There will be zombies everywhere in that area so be careful. The avoid the zombies you must know that ctrl is to crouch and "Z" is to lay on the floor. That will reduce the zombies from seeing and hearing you.
There are three safe areas so if you do not trust other players you can put your findings in your global bag.
Now if you see another player, there is a 95% chance they have a gun and will kill you. There is also a greater chance they will be behind you ready to fire their gun. What can you do? Stick with the trees and always lay on your belly by pressing "Z". Doing that will slow your movement down but will save your life by those PvP sports. Going inside town is also a danger with other players since that is where the supplies are at. You have three dangers there. Zombies, Players, and being trapped in a building. Know which building is and what they may have inside. The most found item is water and food. Guns are even harder to find because they can be mainly found in the police station or food store. Another reason why it is harder because it will draw other players to that point and they may kill you for the gun. Basically, this is more of a Player vs Player game than anything else. So be careful with other players, all it takes is one shot and you are dead. If you do not like fighting players that much then there are some servers under the private section that are for only PvE (player Vs Entity).



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