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  1. UPDATE 1.1 UPDATE 1.0
  2. NOW IS YOUR TURN TO CALL YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN IN THE BATTLE TOGETHER!!! ITS FREE TO PLAY, WHY NO?Hello survivors!Here's another small thursday updateHere is the last game update for AFTERLIFE MMO[Update 1.4.0 INFO] Tutorial for beginner members added Player Rotation 360 grade with the left click Nevada Map has been added Last backpack slot bug has been fixed New Backpacks deployed Double Bonus XP & GD Active More missions has been added in PineTop Night Vision Armor currency has been changed to GD Lottery Added, buy lottery ticket and win rewards (Alpha Stage 80% done) Game HUD design adjust More game gear added (around 120 gears including, Hats/Mask/Scarf) Some Weapon Skins adjust PineTop map setting adjusted More Grass added SSAO adjusted Shadow adjusted Zombie / Player Threat Indicator added Sky light adjusted Rent Server Change Server fixed Enemy / Friend Health Bar enable once you target the enemy FrontEnd Camera position moved FrontEnd Lobby Map Modify Character Secundary Weapon Side added In Battle, you will need 10 seconds to exit from the battle to go on the frontend Launcher Update threads increased (now download the game and get the updates more faster with your network connection) Do you have any suggestion for the game? feel free to post your idea in our Suggestion Section The Game Client on Mega download by part is already available! GO TO DOWNLOAD CENTER
  3. NOW IS YOUR TURN TO CALL YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN IN THE BATTLE TOGETHER!!! ITS FREE TO PLAY, WHY NO?Hello survivors!Here's another small thursday update #PachNotes: v1.3.1 Some HUD Design - Fixed Double GD & XP Event is end today 80 GC every day you login into the game - Event! More game Sounds - improved Missions has been deployed for PineTop Map More Item Spawn Point in Military and Radioactive areas Increased Particles performance Air Filter Mask issues - fix Attachment / Items weight decreased Map Legend icons added Taunt System run commands reworked - activatable now through chat commands (type "/help or /taunt" for more info ingame) Dust effect when drop a item SkillTree Prices Adjusted Thousand of secret survivors Notes was deployed around the map PineTop and Compound now available in Rent Servers Donate packages price adjusted, if you want to support us on this project ClickHere PD: More updates will come to deploy the next weeks Do you have any suggestion for the game? feel free to post your idea in our Suggestion Section The Game Client on Mega download by part is already available! GO TO DOWNLOAD CENTER
  4. NOW IS YOUR TURN TO CALL YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN IN THE BATTLE TOGETHER!!! ITS FREE TO PLAY, WHY NO?Hello wickeds!Here 's a small Monday afternoon update#PachNotes: 1.2.2 http400 error pre-fixed Vault (Terminal) Npc Bug has been pre-Fixed Shoes Outfit has been removed until get the new characters with complete customization Leaderboard Design issue Fixed Dark Nights Night Vision Armor Item Added 30 Days Premium Account price has been changed to 6.000 GC ingame More Item spawn loot around the map has been added Map particles added (in beta test: waiting for perfomance detail) The Double GD & XP event is already started airdrop fall has been change from 4hrs to 2hrs Map ambient sound has begun to edit Donate for GC panel is online, if you want to support us on this project Do you have any suggestion for the game? feel free to post your idea in our Suggestion Section The Game Client on Mega download by part is already available! GO TO DOWNLOAD CENTER
  5. Read the agreement before making a donation! Link to donate web: GAMECP Payment methods: What I get by purchasing a Premium Accountwhen purchasing a premium account you will receive unique features that help you to progress in the game like: What I get by donate:By donate a special Package you will recive a list of elements, you will be able to donate for anyone of the 6 package available in the GameCP:Rockie Pack US$5.57 1,250 GC 4,300 GD 2 Soft Armor Lv 4 3 Backpack Lv. 2 3 Gauze Bandage Amateur Pack US$10.84 2,830 GC 6,600 GD 3 Backpack Lv. 3 2 Hard Armor Lv. 4 5 MEDIUM HEALTH KIT 2 SVD SNIPER 10 METAL BARRIER Inmortal Pack US$20.00 5,250 GC 9,300 GD 5 Backpack Lv. 4 2 VSS VINTOREZ SNIPER 2 Dominion Armor Lv. 4 5 HEALTH KIT 1 ZOMBIE REPELLENT 10 PORTABLE COVER SHIELD Premium Pack US$50.00 8,450 GC 30 Days Premium Account 5 Backpack Lv. 4 3 Dominion Armor Lv. 4 5 HEALTH KIT 2 ZOMBIE REPELLENT Air Horn 5 Frag Grenade Lv. 3 10 WOODEN SHIELD Golden Pack US$80.00 14,200 GC 24,300 GD 8 Backpack Lv. 4 3 BLASER R93 SNIPER 5 Dominion Armor Lv. 4 8 HEALTH KIT 5 ZOMBIE REPELLENT 5 Frag Grenade Lv. 3 10 AntiBiotics 10 IRON SHIELD 3 Survival Campfire Ultimate Pack US$100.00 18,500 GC 30 Days Premium Account 10 Backpack Lv. 4 3 AW MAGNUM SNIPER 8 Dominion Armor Lv. 4 10 HEALTH KIT 5 ZOMBIE REPELLENT 3 M67 Grenade 15 AntiBiotics 15 IRON SHIELD 1 Airdrop Radio 5 Survival Campfire You can take a better look at the Package List in the GameCP What can I do with GC (Game Cash) How can i donate through GameCP?Donate through GameCP now is simple as get into the GameCP URL http://playafterlifemmo../gamecp/ Insert your game credential in the space boxes After success the login in the GameCP select 'ONLINE STORE' Menu The next step is process to checkout clicking on the Pay with Paypal! blue button, after clicking the Pay with Paypal! blue button you will redirected to the Paypal Checkout website There you will be able to enter your Paypal account and donate in exchange for the Packages you had chosen, after making the payment you will have to wait for us to process your order. Patiently wait within 24 hours to recieve your order (delivery normally within 12 hours) In case of any other doubt pm a staff member or send us a ticket - Ticket SystemPD: The donations are used to keep the server up and running, as well imporving our network. Link to donate web: GAMECP
  6. Access to the Forums is a privilege, not a right. While certain language and images may not offend you, be mindful of others who may have a different reaction. Moderators will evaluate all posts based on the Universal Rules and unique sub-forum guidelines, and punishment will be at their discretion. Disciplinary action for Forum behavior may extend to in-game accounts where required. Rules subject to change.The Golden RuleAlways be respectful to players, community members, moderators, and Rioters. Harassment and insults will not be tolerated (“just playing” is NOT a catch-all excuse).This is not the place for:Mature Content Moderators will look for and consider the following as violations of this rule: Pornographic materials of any kind Real life depictions of gore, death, horrifically violent acts, etc Content that represents sexually explicit acts Direct links to pictures or artist webpages that feature NSFW material Any content we find inappropriate will be dealt with accordingly Spamming / Trolling Here is a breakdown of the various types of spam / trolling that we look for: Posting content not related to the discussion Posting a discussion or comment across multiple sub-boards Posting designed to bait conversation or falsify content Making repetitive non-constructive or low effort content Bumping of discussions with no additional context Excessive emoji / icon spam Hate Speech Moderators will look for any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which can include attacks a person or group on the basis of: Ethnicity/Race Sexual Orientation Gender Religion Inappropriate Discussions Moderators will be looking for topics discussing: Religion Sex Politics Any social issues, though some exceptions may be appropriate (e.g., internet legislation) Impersonation Moderators will look for instances of community members impersonating: Other Community Members Other Players Moderators Rioters Spoilers Moderators will look for spoilers outside an officially marked spoiler thread in regards to popular new movies, shows, or gaming releases based on: Actual spoilers without a
  7. AfterLife MMO is now truly free. You are not required to have an active subscription to play the game. Go ahead; create an account and download the game for free.If you haven't downloaded the AfterLife MMO Installer, please select an option:Game Launcher Installer: (Medium) - Update: 12/7/2017 Web Installer: (Slow) Full Client On Mega: (Fast) Full Client On Google Drive: (Fast) Full Client By Part On Mega: (Fast) - PC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - OS: Windows 7/ 8.1/ 10 (64-bit versions) Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 2 GB VRAM | AMD Radeon HD 7770 2 GB VRAM, or better DirectX: Version 9 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 12GB available space Additional Notes: Laptop models of these desktop cards may work as long as they are on-par in terms of performance with at least the minimum configuration. MAKE SURE TO LAUNCH THE GAME 'AS ADMINISTRATOR' TO MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET AUTHENTICATION ISSUES!The Game Launcher Installer now downloads the game files in 1 stages. As soon as the first stage finishes, the Play Game button will appear and you can now start your new adventure. The Web Installer download the full game from our CDN server, is just simple as run the (*.exe) program Click on 'Save As' and choose a directory to save the ".zip" file and then start the process with the "Download" bottom The Full Client By Parts is simple as download all the zip parts install any descompresor program and start to descompress the '' file.then click on Game_Launcher.exe to start the new adventure!
  8. Here you will find a listing of the various Game Controls available for use and assignment in AfterLife MMO.Before jumping into the game, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the basic controls including the ability to move your character and interact with your environment. You can access these key assignments by visiting the Controls section of the Configuration menu, which you can from the in-game menu using the Esc key or from the game's main menu. Additional controls can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the bottom of the key assignment screen. You can reconfigure the controls based on your own personal preferences. The tables below show the default key assignments for the game.MOVEMENT Forward: W Back: S Left: A Right: D Crouch: Left Ctrl Prone: Z Jump: SPACE Sprint: SHIFT + W Crouch Walk: CTRL + W / S / A / D (Hold) Auto Run: Num Lock VEHICLE / DRONE CONTROLS Forward: Up Back: Down Left: Left Right: Right Handbrake: SPACE DRONE UP: Q DRONE DOWN: Z VIEW 1st / 3rd Person Toggle: C Aim: Mouse: Right-Click (Hold) Camera Side: Right-Click (Hold) + Left Shift Toggle Night Vision: N Toggle FlashLight: F WEAPONS Reload: R Fire-Rate Toggle: F7 Switch Weapon: Key 1, Key 2 Number Keys / Scroll Up/Down (1-Primary Smg, Assault, (etc), 2-Secondary Pistol / Melee) Next weapon: Q Show Weapon Attachment: X Free Hands: Backspace Sniper Hold breath: Left Shift BUILDING MODE Rotate Object Left: Num Button 1 Move Object Back: Num Button 2 Rotate Object Right: Num Button 3 Move Object Left: Num Button 4 Place Object: Num Button 5 Move Object Right: Num Button 6 Move Object Up: Num Button 7 Move Object Front: Num Button 8 Move Object Down: Num Button 9 COMMUNICATION Horse: Num Button 1 Spank: Num Button 2 HandFlip: Num Button 3 Jack: Num Button 4 Thrust: Num Button 5 Dance: Num Button 6 Backflip: Num Button 7 GENERAL CONTROLS Open/Close/Get-in/Get-out/Pickup: E Toggle Chat: F5 / Enter Medical and Boost items: Key 3, Key 4, Key 5, Key 6, Key 7, Key 8 Split Items: Drag item off screen Push to Interact with NPCs: E (Hold) Voice chat mute/un-mute: L. Alt Show Player List: Tab Toggle UI: F12 Inventory: i World Map: M Chat Channel Proximity: Chat Channel Global: Chat Channel Clan: Chat Channel Group: Remote Store: B
  9. Hello survivors! this is a small guide on how to survive this scary adventure Beginners Guide Note #1 When you first start AfterLife MMO, you spawn in with a flashlight (Press f to turn it on and off). You will also spawn with some medical bandages, food, water and chemlights. The first thing you should do is find shelter, there may be some equipment inside. It is optional that you make this your base depending on your playstyle: free-roamer or camper. If there is indeed no supplies inside, you should use this list to gather what supplies you need first:1) Food & water2) Weapons (#1 & #2 are optional which comes first)3) Bandages and Antibiotics4) Shelter(optional but recommended)5) Friendly survivors. (Don't Trust everyone you meet!)When all of these things have been attained, you should be ready to survive the zombie apocalypse. Beginners Guide Note #2 As shown in many of the available AfterLife MMO gameplay videos, zombies are currently able to detect you both by sight and by sound. Both need to be carefully watched to avoid detection. It's best to stay in grassy or forested areas. Only venture into cities if you are currently armed or have intentions of finding a weapon quickly. Zombies can hear you better if you sprint on hard surfaces such as concrete (roads/sidewalks). According to developers, zombies cannot see so well. As such, it is advisable to pay the most attention to their ability to hear you. However, during daylight hours, sight is a big problem so you want to stay low most the time when entering cities in the daytime If you decide to enter during the night a good idea is to wear some kind of armor with night vision attached (NVG) then hit N to turn on the night vision. Regardless, it should become second nature to watch both of your meters in order for the best chance of survival within the game world. smell has been somewhat incorporated, with zombie repellent being an item, however, there is no hygiene although that may be added to the game in the future. Beginners Guide Note #3 The servers are open. First things first, set up your options and get used to the controls.Items:1) Flashlights can be found at or around your spawn point. Look for small items on the ground, outlined in a blue/orange/red/green aura. So far, I have had to switch to FPV to get the option to pick up the flashlight. Once you have it, use the corresponding hotkey to equip it. To remove it from your hands, use the hotkey (Default: Backspace)To turn it off so you can still melee use the default key F.2) The first thing that should be done when entering a spawn zone is immediately getting to the floor because of camper that might be around. then heading for a city away from the position you have spawned in. Avoid the first spawn city at all costs, as bandits (spawn killers) are very rampant in the spawn zones.3) Hit M on your keyboard to open your map you can also open the map menu by hitting ESC and choosing the map option. Once you have your map open find a city near your little arrow on the map. Pick a city with smaller text because that means less size and fewer people.4) Once you have found a suitable city start walking and check your map regularly. If you are taking the road is advised that you get off it before you reach the city and come around the back on the city in case of snipers. Once you are behind the city search the outlying houses for food, water, and weapons remember if you hear gunshots that mean someone is nearby and unless you think you are ready RUN. An advantageous place to look for food and medication would be the grocery market. In order to find a suitable weapon, search the car garages, police stations, and post offices, as these are common spawn points of hammers, bats, and lower tier weaponry. Also search outlying shacks, as experience has shown that these have yielded higher tier weapons, such as the Mossberg and Saiga.5) When you spot another player in your proximity, Don't Shoot! If they haven't seen you, find a safe out of the way place where you can observe them for a moment. They may be with a large group of armed bandits or easily avoidable. If you just brazenly run out and shoot a weapon you are likely to attract unwanted attention. Survival in the World When you first start out in the world of the dead, you will have some supplies with you. Some food, water, flashlight, and first-aid. All of which help you by a small factor. Those supplies are nearly worthless so it is best to find more fast. In order to do this, you must find a building or a town. There will be zombies everywhere in that area so be careful. The avoid the zombies you must know that ctrl is to crouch and "Z" is to lay on the floor. That will reduce the zombies from seeing and hearing you.There are three safe areas so if you do not trust other players you can put your findings in your global bag.Now if you see another player, there is a 95% chance they have a gun and will kill you. There is also a greater chance they will be behind you ready to fire their gun. What can you do? Stick with the trees and always lay on your belly by pressing "Z". Doing that will slow your movement down but will save your life by those PvP sports. Going inside town is also a danger with other players since that is where the supplies are at. You have three dangers there. Zombies, Players, and being trapped in a building. Know which building is and what they may have inside. The most found item is water and food. Guns are even harder to find because they can be mainly found in the police station or food store. Another reason why it is harder because it will draw other players to that point and they may kill you for the gun. Basically, this is more of a Player vs Player game than anything else. So be careful with other players, all it takes is one shot and you are dead. If you do not like fighting players that much then there are some servers under the private section that are for only PvE (player Vs Entity).
  10. Hello fellow Survivors!Today I am going to make a thread demonstrating how to make a decent application when applying for become staff member. First, I'd like to say, if you plan on just copying the format of my example application, or the idea of my example application - just forget about it! If you can't/aren't willing to put some time and effort into your application, that just demonstrates how non-dedicated you are! The basics of becoming a staff member When applying for become staff member, and filling out your application, you want to demonstrate your ability to follow as-well as uphold the rules - while maintaining a professional and fair attitude towards everybody that you may come to deal with on a day-to-day basis.This means, not being bias towards your friends or people you have any sort of 'special' relationship with. You must treat all users equal and fair. No exceptions with users you may have known longer than others or are on better terms with.This also means, keeping a professional demeanor when, say, personally attacked by another forum member or user. If somebody goes out of their way to insult you, or attack you and diminish your character at all, you must handle it like a mature adult and uphold the rules. The basics of creating a staff member application When creating a Staff Member application, you want to be as detailed as you can - including vital information such as contact methods and availability times - but at the same time, you do not want non-vital information that is not essential the decision making process of your application and hiring you onto the team. (Making your application aesthetically pleasing doesn't hurt too!)This means filling out your location, (or your general location, if you aren't completely comfortable sharing it publicly) your name, your contact information, why you feel you should be hired, proof of why you should be hired, people who may vouch for you, proof of your contributions, what kind of personality you have, how you react to certain specific situations and predicaments, etc.This means not filling out, your favorite foods, or your favorite drinks, or your favorite game you like to play on the weekends. Sure, some of this non-essential information may be interesting to know, but take a look at that word - essential - it is not essential information to help decide towards a decision on your application and whether or not you should be hired onto the moderator team. Staff member application example Happy nice day!
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